The INAMOS partnership will seek a holistic understanding of the following questions: Which policies and strategies already exist in sport based integration for newly arrived migrants?

1. How are these policies rolled out to the level of local sports clubs?
2. What are the structural characteristics of voluntary sports clubs that affect their ability and willingness for integration?
3. How effective are sport-based integration practices?
4. How do these practices change the sports club as an organisation?
5. Is it possible, to generalise the project´s specific findings in order to explain in broader terms how efforts to tackle general societal problems through sport can be incorporated into the practice of voluntary local sports clubs effectively without overburdening or jeopardizing the existing structures of these clubs?

INAMOS, through comparative research provides recommendations regarding the impact of interventions from decision to implementation, providing the possibility to develop effective policy and ultimately, impactful practice.

For a comprehensive analysis of social integration of sports clubs, it seems necessary to analyse integrative policies, the goals, resources and activities of the clubs as well as the engagement, attitudes and perceptions of the members and volunteers, particularly the role of important decision makers. The following multilevel framework facilitates a broad and comprehensive view of determinants of social integration of sports clubs and allows the analysis of interrelations of determinants at different levels.

Below you find our planned work pattern until 2022

For more detailed information about our project, please have a look at our Project Manual. You can download it here.

All results of the project can be found here. The latest publication is the MAPPING OF CONTEXT, POLICIES AND PROGRAMMES.