1. In which format do you prefer to receive the results or conclusions of the project? (e.g. brochure, report, presentation, online tools (podcast), etc.)

2. How important is it for you to receive project related results and information in your own-language?

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Vladimir Ninkovic - Serbian Cricket Federation · Dezember 9, 2020 um 10:35 am

Written, searchable material in e-format (pdf) would be the best as it could be quickly referenced. The form could be either a brochure or a report.
Not important, as all cricket administrators on federation and club level read English.

Aleksa Djorovic - Mirijevo CC (Serbia) · Dezember 12, 2020 um 6:00 pm

I think having it both in an easy-accessible online written format (such as a report) as well as a more layman broad audience content such as a presentation or video, is of benefit. The latter can easily be presented to a broader club member audience without the necessity of reading an in-depth report.
Not important. (2 out of 10)

Ivan Civric-CC Bodrog Deers (Serbia) · Dezember 14, 2020 um 6:19 pm

Not important

Marco Gensmüller - TV Jahn Kapellen (Germany) · Januar 6, 2021 um 8:08 am

I would prefer a brochure with the main results. A German version would be great, but an English one would also be ok.

Philipp · Januar 6, 2021 um 10:18 am

1: Report or presentation
2: It depends on the theme

Martin Schwarze - Stadtsportbund Chemnitz (Germany) · Januar 10, 2021 um 8:44 pm

Report and brochure – Printed and pdf
english & the Languages of all Participating countries, because the results should be understand and Used at the ‚basis’. It reduces Problems with quick Access to Informationen.

Martina Braun · Januar 11, 2021 um 1:01 pm

Presentation or report.
German version would be great – an english version is also ok.

Mareike Petersen · Januar 11, 2021 um 8:26 pm

1) a simple report, not too fancy. Clear and simple.
2) English is fine.

NOC Serbia · Januar 12, 2021 um 12:52 pm

1.Presentation & Brochure
2. It is important if we want to share results with some local clubs where athletes or coaches are not really good with speaking English language.

Corinna R. / MOVIGO Sports e.V. · Januar 14, 2021 um 1:37 pm

Presentation format instinstead of lenghty texts, executive summaries, video tutorials (easier to share with other members).

Robert B. - UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels · Januar 17, 2021 um 4:02 pm

1: I would prefer a brochure .

2: A german version would be great.

Henning Seemann · Januar 19, 2021 um 5:29 pm

Not that important

Lillemor Lindell · Januar 20, 2021 um 3:52 pm

Wants to get the result in report, digital presentation and recorded oral presentation
For further dissemination and implementation, translation into the Swedish language is important to us and a suggestion is to make a digital presentation/film.

Clare Hanlon · Januar 31, 2021 um 2:12 am

Q.1: Brochure that provides a link to the report and the provision of online tools. People learn differently, varied resources assists to develop their understanding
Q,2: English will be vital

Sabine Landau - DOSB · Februar 11, 2021 um 2:45 pm

Question 1: a brochure is always a nice tool because you can use it for further work and forward it to other interested organisations. In addition to that a conference (maybe remotely) is a good way to present and also discuss the results with interested participants.

Question 2: it makes things easier if the final results come in German as not all representatives of member organisations can use the information in detail if they are in English. On a national level we are fine with information about the ongoing of the project in English.

Magnus Ferry · Februar 19, 2021 um 9:31 am

1 Report
2 English

Lars Espedalen · Februar 22, 2021 um 2:23 pm

Some sort of news letter? report would also do. In english preferably.

Rune Solberg · Februar 24, 2021 um 11:04 pm

pdf.file or brochure
English is fine

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