1. How relevant is the project for your sports club?

2. How important is the project for other clubs in your country, from your point of view?

3. How interested are you in participating in this project?

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Vladimir Ninkovic - Serbian Cricket Federation · Dezember 9, 2020 um 10:32 am

It is relevant for our sports association as we are trying to involve the NAMs in our clubs. We believe that the project will give us the necessary know-how about how to integrate them.
Virtually all our members (cricket clubs) have involved NAMs in their squads, so the project is relevant for them as well. However, given the fact that Serbia is a transit nation, not many NAMs remain here for longer period of time. Speaking with representatives of other sports associations, there is not much work done with them, apart from occasional relief projects aimed at improving the living conditions in the asylum centers through organizing sports events (football, volleyball and table tennis).
We are the project team members, which implies that we are very interested. 🙂

Aleksa Djorovic - Mirijevo CC (Serbia) · Dezember 12, 2020 um 6:09 pm

For our club, this project has direct importance. As a cricket club in Serbia, our club has involved migrants in our club activities for years now, it is a constant occurrence. However, as Serbia is not the end-destination of most migrants, their presence and involvement is transient. Nevertheless, the outcomes of this project will impact our approach in the future.
All other clubs in the country face the same situation, so I imagine it is of great importance for them also.
As an affiliate of the Serbian Cricket Federation, we are already indirectly involved in the project.

Ivan Civric-Bodrog Deers (Serbia) · Dezember 14, 2020 um 6:23 pm

It is relevant because we have worked with migrants and refugees based in Sombor.
For most cricket clubs it is as they also include migrants. I am not sure about other sports.
We are interested.

Philipp · Januar 6, 2021 um 10:21 am

It is relevant, because I think every sports clubs has to deal with this.

Martin Schwarze - Stadtsportbund Chemnitz (Germany) · Januar 10, 2021 um 8:59 pm

It Is Important for Every Club. But it depends on the People‘s commitment on this Topic and Not what Kind of Club they Belong to.
In Germany perhaps it is beneficial Pay Special attention on ‚Landessportbund, Stadtsportbund, etc‘, because they coordinate a lot of Information to the Clubs.

Marco Gensmüller - TV Jahn Kapellen (Germany) · Januar 11, 2021 um 10:25 am

The project is very interesting for our club as well as for all clubs in Germany in general. We would be happy to participate in this.

Martina Braun · Januar 11, 2021 um 1:04 pm

it is relevant for us. and should be relevant for sport clubs and associations in Austria.

Mareike Petersen · Januar 11, 2021 um 8:45 pm

1)As far as I know our sports club doesn’t participate in a program for migrants but I think if they had a bit more guidance they would. So I think it is relevant.

2) is a hot topic. So very important.
3) interested

NOC Serbia · Januar 12, 2021 um 12:56 pm

We are not sport club, we are an umbrella sports organization, so It is not so relevant. Because in our country migrants are not planning to stay for a long period of time, they are just in transit. In the other hand it can be valuable in terms of educating and giving valuable information to our member organization – sports federations
Same answer as the previous question.
Since at the moment we are running Hi 5 Happy Caravan project that aims inclusion of young refugees into society through sports, physical activity and play. We believe that for us this project is important. Together with Group 484 who mainly works with refugees and migrants in Serbia. Also, our project partner is Cricket Federation of Serbia. Together we created unique event for inclusion. We are using cricket as well as football as tools for social inclusion. Regarding to this, we believe outcomes of this project can be beneficial for us.
We can share results of the projects in our country. Schools, sports member organization, migrants centers. We are interested.

Robert B. - UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels · Januar 17, 2021 um 4:11 pm

1: I think it could be very interesting for my club in the future.
2: In my opinion it’s a big chance for all clubs in Germany.
3: I could imagine that the project is an interesting experience for my club.

Henning Seemann · Januar 19, 2021 um 5:44 pm

From my point of view it is very important for my club. From time to time migrants participate in the club life, e.g. training sessions, but we don’t have any plan and/or imagination how to approach them and how fruitful a permanent membership can be for all of us. I think that is the same for many clubs in different sports all over Germany, exspecially in rural regions.
I am absolutely interested in a participation.

Lillemor Lindell · Januar 20, 2021 um 3:55 pm

For us us a federation, it is relevant and gives us an opportunity to spread the results to our members and to the local sports associations
Sees the value of continuing to disseminate various forms of knowledge-raising reports and materials to inspire and engage in continued work
Not sure if we as a federation are the targetgroup for this project, but we are happy to follow it to see how we maybe can take part and spread the project’s results

Clare Hanlon · Januar 31, 2021 um 1:38 am

The findings from this project would be beneficial to the sports I am involved in – to disseminate this resource from national, state and to local sport clubs would assist increase understanding and confidence of managers to encourage newly arrived migrants to their club.

Sabine Landau - DOSB · Februar 11, 2021 um 2:51 pm

Question 2: The project can deliver interesting outcomes which can be uses by all clubs and organisations that work in the field of integration.
Question 3: We are primarily interested in the results and happy that you already include our colleagues (who are responsible for the field of integration) in the “Landessportbünde” (federal sport organisations) in your studies.

Magnus Ferry · Februar 19, 2021 um 9:37 am

Not especially. Hard to get newly arrrived involved in Alpine skiing
Very important. There are great possibilites to have actitivies which involves newly arrived in sports.
Mostly interessted in the results and examples of best practice

Lars Espedalen · Februar 22, 2021 um 2:31 pm

I’m a researcher, so do not belong to a sports club. In general I would say this project is very important as there are many sports clubs who lack resources or motives to go through with integration programs for newly arrived refugees. The experiences of volunteers who work in these initiatives would be particularly interesting to learn more about.

Rune Solberg · Februar 24, 2021 um 11:09 pm

The questions is relevant for my club.
This is something all clubs in Norway need to focus on.
We have staff in my club who deals with this at a daily basis

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